PBS Kids: Odd Squad Blob Chase

What’s New in Version 2.0! Blob Chase now has 15 new challenging levels (plus the original 60 levels in Odd Squad headquarters). Capture blobs as you make your way through the haunted world of Blobsylvania!

  • Play 15 new levels!
  • Solve even trickier puzzles!
  • Act fast to catch all the blobs!

In Blob Chase, kids can have fun practicing core math skills throughout each of the 75 levels of games. Kids (5-8) help to recover the blobs by using gadgets to add, subtract, halve or double passageways throughout Odd Squad headquarters or in spooky Blobsylvania.

To discover which gadget works best for each particular challenge, kids problem-solve using:

    • addition
    • subtraction
    • multiplication
    • dividing/halving

For more apps from PBS KIDS, visit https://scitechinstitute.orgto.pbs.org/kids_appstore.

For more fun with Odd Squad, visit pbskids.org/oddsquad.

Math Topics
Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division
1st Grade

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