PBS Kids: Cyberchase Shape Quest

Buzz and Delete are back in Botopolis for another fun-filled adventure. Play with them and their animal friends through three math-based games focused on geometry, spatial reasoning and problem solving.

Download the game board here:

Full Color Game Board

Black & White Game Board


Help your animal friends return to their homes in this augmented-reality game, which uses a tablet’s camera to combine the real world with digital content. Travel through 5 different environments and apply spatial memory, visualization and modeling skills, while investigating, predicting, putting together and taking apart two- and three-dimensional shapes. But this isn’t a game to play just sitting on your couch! By using the camera on your tablet, plus the “AR” technology, you can play while moving your whole body around the gameboard.

You will need this printable marker to play the game


The critters are hungry. Feed them by flicking food – but watch out for walls and obstacles. Play with 5 different animals in their Botopolis habitats, while you practice spatial reasoning.


The animals have hidden behind different geometric shapes. Can you find them all? Practice your geometry vocabulary while learning about hexagons, right angles, number of sides, and much more.


  • 3 different games
  • 80 fun-filled educational puzzles focused on geometry, spatial reasoning and problem solving
  • 5 fantastic Botopolis environments each with its own animal friends
  • Augmented-Reality game interface brings the Patch The Path game into the physical world for fully engaging the player’s spatial thinking skills
  • Touch-screen and augmented-reality technology, coupled with a fully interactive visual display, offer a direct connection between tactile learning and 3D visualization
  • Designed for children ages 6-9, but it is truly a game for all ages!


Use visualization, spatial reasoning, and geometric modeling to solve problems Identify shape attributes, count sides and corners, and use shape vocabulary Create mental images of geometric shapes using spatial memory and spatial visualization Investigate and predict the results of putting together, taking apart, moving, and rotating 3D shapes

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