OLogy: Birdwatching with Theodore Roosevelt

Can you find all 16 birds in this sanctuary? When you do, listen to its song.

Ever since he was a boy, Theodore Roosevelt  loved birds. One of his favorite places to watch birds was his family’s summer home in Oyster Bay, New York. There, he would sketch, identify, and collect the many birds of the area.

Roosevelt carried this passion for birds with him to the White House. As President, he created more than 50 federal bird reservations. In 1923, a bird sanctuary was established in Roosevelt’s name in Oyster Bay.

Go Birdwatching in the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary!

Explore and observe some of the same kinds of birds that Roosevelt did.
Can you find all 16? When you find one, listen to its song and discover more about it.

Biology, Zoology

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