Ologies: Gynecology (NETHER HEALTH) with Philippa Ribbink

Let’s get mellow and intimate with the mechanics of the nether bod via a frank chat with the calmest, coolest gyno in Portland, Dr. Philippa Ribbink.

She visited Alie’s weird hotel to chat about vaginas (vs. vulvas), self-care, mental health, childbirth, trans health, body image, the accuracy of assault statistics, grooming, hygiene and more. NO QUESTION WAS TOO DELICATE, FOLKS.

Language alert: In considering the inclusion of trans women, I opted for the use of the term “women’s health” and “women” — as gynecology is currently  (yet antiquatedly) defined. In so doing, I fucked up and overlooked and excluded non-binary and trans men friends in that language and I’m so so so sorry. Some amazing Ologites altered me to this and I just want to say I’m so so sorry that the language I used (women/lady) made anyone feel unseen. So please know that trans inclusion was on my mind, but I’m super embarrassed to have missed the mark and overlooked the non-binary community and trans men community. I see you, I love you, and I care a bunch, and I will strive to do better when it comes to inclusionary language. Curiosity and compassion are so key to social progress, and as you know I’m all about asking smart people dumb questions. So thank you for your patience as we all learn new things and evolve into an even more inclusive, better-linguistically-equipped society. Please continue being patient and kind to each other and as always, keep your mind open to learning new things, whether it’s about snake butts or bee dancing or the origins of the Universe or another person’s perspective. Learning shit is cool.

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