OdySea Aquarium: All About Jellies

Just floating along!

Jellyfish have floated in our oceans’ currents for millions of years, they even predate the dinosaurs! These prehistoric animals live in both cold and warm water, and drift along shallow coastlines and deep water.

Jellyfish are known for their stinging tentacles, they use these to capture and paralyze their prey for eating. Their mouth is located in the center of its body, they use it for eating and discarding waste. Another function is to move through the water. They squirt water out of their mouth to propel forward.

Some jellyfish are bioluminescent, which means they glow in the dark and produce their own light. These gelatinous sea creatures also come in a variety of colors, some are even clear! These incredible animals are known as invertebrates, they have no bones, no heart, no brain, and no eyes.

Science Topics
Biology, Zoology
Early Childhood, K-6
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