NRICH: Olympic Cards

Design your own scoring system and play Trumps with these Olympic Sport cards.

Age 5 to 11

You will find a full set of 24 cards with information about 24 different medal winners on these cards. You can print them out and cut them out to play a game with your friends by downloading here .doc  .pdf

• Two to six people can play
• Deal out the cards
• Each player holds their cards so that others can not see them but in a stack so that they can only see their top card.
• The player who starts chooses one piece of information from their top card.
• The other players read out the same piece of information from their top card.
• The player with the best (most, highest . . . etc) card wins and gains all those top cards from the other players and places them
at the bottom of their own stack.
• That winner starts the next round.

You can decide what value to give to the different items that go with each athlete and that may change the winning cards.
How important is the date that the athlete won their medals?
How might you deal with the information about the nationality of the athlete?
How is it shown on the cards?

Number Values & Counting
K-6, Middle School

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Olympic medal winners cards.