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How many pairs of numbers can you find that add up to a multiple of 11? Do you notice anything interesting about your results?

In the grid below, look for pairs of numbers that add up to a multiple of 11.

 9  46  79  13
 64  90  2  97
 25  31  20  22
 4  52  55  7

Are there any numbers that can only have one partner?
Are there any numbers that could have more than one partner?
What is special about numbers which have the same set of partners?

Can you find every possible pair?
How can you be sure you haven’t missed any?

You may have solved the problem by looking at how close each number is to a multiple of 11…

Here is another grid.
This time, look for pairs that add up to a multiple of 13.

 11  54  93  15
 76  106  2  115
 29  37  24  26
 4  62  65  9

How can you use your insights from the first problem to be sure you have found all the possible pairings?

Age 11 to 14

Math Topics
Algebra & Pre-Algebra, Linear Equations, Patterning & Sequencing
Middle School, High School, Educator
6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade
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