National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - Nature Poetry

Are you a poet? Time for you to show it!

Think about something in nature that has inspired you. It could be a flower, a sunset, a hike… the possibilities are endless!
Follow the format for a cinquain poem or make up your own!

Cinquain Poem Directions

Line 1: one word, noun
Line 2: two words, adjectives which describe the subject
Line 3: three words, action
Line 4: four word phrase, how the subject feels/makes you feel
Line 5: one word, synonym for the subject

Example Cinquain Poem

Winding, flowing
Always changing course
Giving life to many

Share Your Poem

Share your poem with your family and friends.

We’d love to hear from you! With an adult’s permission, email us your poem at:

Biology, Ecology
K-6, Middle School

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