National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - Junior Ranger, Jr. Explores Orioles

Imagine, make, move and explore the world of orioles!

This wildlife activity page is part of a series for ages 3-6.

Adults and young children can use some or all of the activities to explore nature together inside and outside the home.

If you were a male Baltimore oriole, you would be bright orange with a black head and wings. You would have a white stripe on each wing. If you were a female, your body would be orange-yellow and your head an olive yellow. Females are expert weavers. You would hang your nest on a tree branch. Feeling hungry? You would search for insects or the ripest fruit. You love mulberries, cherries, grapes, and oranges. You would stab the fruit with your beak, open your beak to break it open, and then drink the juice with your brushy-tipped tongue. If you wanted to talk with your friends, you would make a unique call—a low-whistled hew-li!

Early Childhood, K-6

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