National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - Junior Ranger, Jr. Explores Creepers

Imagine, make, move and explore the world of creepers!

This wildlife activity page is part of a series for ages 3-6.

Adults and young children can use some or all of the activities to explore nature together inside and outside the home.

If you were a brown creeper, you would be a tiny forest bird. The top side of your body would be covered in brown, patterned feathers that look like bark. They camouflage, or hide, you. You would have a long tail and a long, curved bill. If you were hungry, you would fly to the base of a large tree and “creep” your way up the trunk headfirst. As you spiral around, you would search for insects, spiders, and insect larvae to eat. If you wanted to talk with your friends, you would make a high-pitched call note or a short, high-pitched song.

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