National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - Junior Ranger, Jr. Explores Bluebirds Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Imagine, make, move and explore the world of bluebirds!

This wildlife activity page is part of a series for ages 3-6.

Adults and young children can use some or all of the activities to explore nature together inside and outside the home.

If you were a male Eastern bluebird, your head, back, wings, and tail would be a bright royal blue. Your breast would be rusty red and your belly white. You would bring your mate grasses, pine needles, and feathers. If you were a female, you would build a nest for your chicks. You would look similar to the male, but your colors would be paler and greyish.

If you were hungry, you would eat insects, wild fruit, and berries. You may even catch shrews, salamanders, snakes, and tree frogs! Your sharp, pointy beak can stab your food and protect your nest. If you wanted to talk with your friends, you would sit on a high perch and call, tru-ly!

Biology, Zoology
Early Childhood, K-6

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