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Fun children’s videos about wheat, butter, button toys, and sod house, from WebRanger.

Wheat Video: This was (and still is) a fun educational video for children about the advancement of technology for the cultivation of wheat throughout the homesteading era.

Butter Video: A chore a child may have had on the homestead was milking the cow. Cow milk is a very important ingredient to make butter and cheese. Watch this video to learn how you can make butter, too!

Button Toys Video: Children on the homestead were inventive and resourceful. Who knew a button and string could be so much fun!

Sod House: Many early homesteaders who lived on prairie land built sod houses. How do you make a home out of prairie? Watch to find out!



WebRanger was an interactive digital learning tool for children developed in the 2000s.

Utilizing the technology of the time, this was a wonderful new way to reach children across the globe. WebRanger was built using Adobe Flash and is no longer supported by most internet browsers. WebRanger activities and website functions no longer operated properly and the site was decommissioned at the end of 2019. These flash videos have been salvaged from Homestead’s WebRanger activities for easy viewing!

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