National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - Junior Ranger, Jr. Explores Hawks

Imagine, make, move and explore the world of hawks!

This wildlife activity page is part of a series for ages 3-6.

Adults and young children can use some or all of the activities to explore nature together inside and outside the home.

If you were a red-tailed hawk, you would be a large, powerful bird. Your head, wings, and back would be covered by dark brown feathers. The underside of your body would be lighter. As an adult, your tail feathers would have a signature red color that can be seen when you fly. If you were hungry, you would circle above a grassy field or perch in a nearby tree. If you saw a small furry animal, you would dive with your legs stretched out and grab your prey with sharp claws. To tell everyone that you are in the area, you would soar above callingĀ Kee-eeeee-arr!

Early Childhood, K-6

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