Minecraft Education Edition: South Africa and Apartheid (Lessons in Good Trouble)

Embark on a journey with Nelson Mandela into the Republic of South Africa and learn about the movement from Apartheid to a unified nation

Learning Objectives

HISTORICAL CONTEXT: Students will develop an understanding of the Apartheid system of government and the movement to shift to a more democratic representational government

HEROIC CONTEXT: Students will conduct research on the many important people who were instrumental in the movement towards social justice in South Africa

SOCIAL MOVEMENT: Students will develop a better understanding of why social movements begin, how they begin, what makes them sustainable, and how they can lead to meaningful change.

HISTORICAL/POLITICAL AWARENESS: Students will develop a better understanding on how movements require a coalition, social justice movements are the accumulation of the efforts of many, and develop a deeper awareness of why equality should be ensured for everyone.

At the end of this lesson:

  • Students will understand how institutionalized prejudice and segregation can affect entire groups of people.
  • Students will understand different perspectives when it comes to social movements.
  • Students will understand that social movements are rarely the acts of one singular individual.
  • Students will understand the importance of social movements for change.



External References

Apartheid Museum

The Apartheid Museum opened in 2001 and is acknowledged as the pre-eminent museum in the world dealing with 20th century South Africa, at the heart of

Strangers In Their Own Country

This is the first and still one of the best collections of readings and lessons for students on the history of apartheid.

Apartheid Museum Workbook

Grades 6 & 7

Apartheid Museum Workbook

Grade 8

Apartheid Museum Workbook

Grade 9

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