Minecraft Education Edition: Leaders of Social Justice Movements (Lessons In Good Trouble)

Journey through time with Congressman John Lewis to meet leaders of social justice movements who were catalysts for Good Trouble and positive change.


Learning Objectives

SIGNIFICANT CONTEXT: Students will understand social justice movements across history.

SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT: Students will understand how to make meaningful choices to influence positive change.

HISTORICAL AWARENESS: Students will understand important social justice movements, the leaders, and the purpose behind them.

HEROIC CONTEXT: Students will research important person(s) across various social justice movements and their role within those movements.

At the end of this lesson:

  • Students will understand the meaning of “Good Trouble” and how John Lewis and other leaders of social justice movements around the world have fomented social change through history.
  • Students will understand how social justice movements around the world and through history connect to one another and have influenced each other.
  • Students will understand how to display a sense of empathy and understanding for others as they explore the reasons for and causes of social justice movements.



External References

Teaching Tolerance – Social Justice Movements

Various resources to help teachers teach social justice movements in the classroom

Apartheid Museum

Museum dealing with the story of Apartheid in South Africa

Kid’s Rights

The role of kids in various social justice movements around the world

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Various collections dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement in 1960s America and the Black Lives Matter Movement

John Lewis – Get in Good Trouble

Get in Good Trouble – Congressman John Lewis in his own words

Social Justice Movement Resources – Smithsonian

Various Resources and Collections regarding Social Justice Movements from the Smithsonian

Good Trouble – Minecraft World file

Minecraft world to support the lesson activities. Link will open in Minecraft: Education Edition.

Minecraft Educator Resources

Learn to teach with Minecraft, find activities to engage your students across subjects and join our global community. Whether you are new to Minecraft or looking to improve your skills, these training materials will help.

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* Good Trouble Full Lesson Plan
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* Lessons in Good Trouble – Vocabulary
Vocabulary words used throughout this lesson.
* Good Trouble Educator Resource
Additional information for educators addressing topics raised in this lesson.

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