Minecraft Education Edition: Black Lives Matter (Lessons In Good Trouble)

Join the activists on Black Lives Matter Plaza as they stand together as catalysts for Good Trouble, seeking racial justice for the Black Community.


Learning Objectives

HEROIC CONTEXT: Students will identify important people/events of the BLM movement and their role within this movement.

SIGNIFICANT CONTEXT: Students will develop an analytical understanding of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

HISTORICAL/POLITICAL AWARENESS: Students will develop a better understanding of racial injustices and their impact on the black community.

SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT: Students will develop a better understanding of how to make meaningful choices to influence positive changes for others.

At the end of this lesson:

  • Students will understand how and why the Black Lives Matter movement was started.
  • Students will understand how racial injustices and the killings of Black lives sparked a global movement.
  • Students will understand how to display a sense of empathy and understanding for others as they explore the reasons and causes of the BLM movement.
  • Students will understand the terminology associated with racial injustice and discrimination.



External References

Black Lives Matter Home

Black Lives Matter Official Website

Black Lives Matter Explained

Washington Post Video explaining the Black Lives Matter Movement

BrainPop – Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter explained for younger students

D.C. Street Becomes Black Lives Matter Plaza

Video of Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington D.C.

ABC News Turning Point: Protests in America

ABC News Turning Point


Early Childhood and Elementary Resources

BLM resources and book

Middle and High School Resources

BLM resources and books

Street Art and Black Lives Matter

The New York Times Article

Street Art and Social Justice Protest

Washington Post

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K-6, Middle School, High School, Educator
3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade
Descriptions of PDFs

* Black Lives Matter T-Chart
Have students use this T-Chart to capture what they think or what they know about Black Lives Matter

* Black Lives Matter Guided Research PowerPoint
Use this Black Lives Matter PowerPoint for students to conduct their guided research for Black Lives Matter

* Black Lives Matter Full Lesson
This is the full lesson plan for the Minecraft Good Trouble: Black Lives Matter Lesson

* Black Lives Matter Q & A
This is the BLM Q & A for the Minecraft Good Trouble: Black Lives Matter Lesson

* Black Lives Matter Vocabulary
This is the vocabulary for the Minecraft Good Trouble: Black Lives Matter Lesson.

* Good Trouble – Minecraft World file
Good Trouble Minecraft world used to support the lesson activities. Link will open in Minecraft: Education Edition.

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