Massive Science: Meet Valerie Thomas, the Inventor and Scientist Who Launched the Longest - Running Satellite Program Imaging Earth's Surface

During Thomas’s three-decade career at NASA, she connected scientists with the data they need to understand our planet.

Valerie Thomas retired from NASA in 1995 after three decades of work, and she left with a legacy as a trailblazing scientist and creative inventor. More than 20 years later, her contributions and her dedication to teaching and uplifting underrepresented youth in her field are still making an impact.

Science is not her only passion — Thomas also cares a great deal about educating and inspiring young scientists, especially girls, women, and Black students like herself.

by Hanusia Higgins

Technology Topics
GPS & Satellites
Black & African American, Women & Girls
High School
9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade, Adults

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