Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources: How Minerals Made Civilization | Metals of Ancient Mexico: The Sounds of Paradise

What did ancient Mexican societies used metal for the most?

Knives, picks, axes, jewelry?

Nope. About 60% of all known metal artifacts from ancient Mexico are bells, ranging in pitch and purpose.



How Minerals Made Civilization, a new video series by the University of Arizona’s Mining & Geological Engineering Department and Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources is unearthing all the ways that mineral resources have affected civilizations around the world. Biweekly videos take us back in time and all over the world to look at how metals and minerals have shaped history. From the massive, high-tech iron industry of precolonial southern Africa, to the global quest for nitrate minerals in the Gunpowder Age, to the role of strategic minerals in World War II, How Minerals Made Civilization looks at the untold role of minerals all over history.

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