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Today we have David Travis, who is currently the Vice President of Mine Planning at Freeport McMorRan. David is an alumni of the Mining Engineering program at The University of Arizona. We hope you enjoy listening to David about what a VP of Mine Planning does, where he sees the engineering world headed, and his inspirational advice for new engineers.

Key Takeaways

Vice Presidents of Mining Engineering do a bit of everything from mine optimization to career development in the mining industry. They work on strategies to maximize the efficiency of the company while advising and overseeing the current mines sites. They collaborate with people from all over the company.

David Travis explains how if you get out of your comfort zone then you will achieve great things that you didn’t think you could do. If you want to be an excellent engineer then you don’t want to limit yourself by only staying where you are comfortable.

Currently in the world we are generating a lot of data and using it in new and innovative methods; this is where David Travis believes that mining is heading. Artificial intelligence and how we organize our data is currently playing a major role in the mining industry and will continue to do so in the near future.

A degree in mining engineering opens the door for various career opportunities. To learn more about careers in the mining engineering industry visit: https://mge.engineering.arizona.edu/

Set up a quick call to learn about the programs with Mario Munoz, our recruiter: https://ua-trellis.force.com/uastuden…


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