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Today we have Ruby Barickman, who is currently an Investment Associate at Orion Resource Partners. Ruby graduated with a Bachelors in Mining Engineering and a Masters in Mineral Engineering from The University of Arizona. Later on, she received her Masters in Finance from Georgetown University. We hope you enjoy listening to Ruby’s story about her experience as a mining engineer and how she moved to the financial side of the mining industry.

Key Takeaways

Ruby Barickman works in the mining industry as a financial associate. She discusses how the mining industry truly offers you a variety of jobs and opportunities, you are never limited in this industry.

Ruby had a great time at The University of Arizona. She advises high school students to look into the mining industry and talks about her experience at U of A. Something that she loved was being a part of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exporation, she said that all of her job opportunities came from those meetings!

Ruby sees the future of the mining industry as a very bright one. There is an older generation of mining professionals who will be retiring very soon. This opens up the industry, providing a vast amount of jobs for students to fill in the future.

A degree in mining engineering opens the door for various career opportunities. To learn more about careers in the mining engineering industry visit: https://mge.engineering.arizona.edu/

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