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Today, we have Julia Potter who is a Geological Engineer at Call & Nicholas Inc. As part of her work as a consultant, she provides geotechnical recommendations to mining companies to help them safely and efficiently extract minerals from the ground. Her work includes a lot of traveling to collect data and observe stability conditions at mine sites. We invite you to watch our video to learn more about Julia’s field of work and her experience as a woman in the field!

Key Takeaways

Julia Potter works as a geological engineer at Call & Nicholas Inc. In this job she focuses on working with the company so that minerals can be extracted from the ground in the safest way possible. Within her job, she analyzes data and makes 3D models to present her findings to the company.

Julia Potter is the president for the Women in Mining Club. Julia talks about how this club creates allies for the women working in the field. The club provides a support system, mentors, and a great way to connect with like minded individuals.

Julia Potter advises students who are interested in working in the mining industry to not be scared to try new things. You can truly achieve your full potential if you are open to new opportunities. She also recommends that you learn a second language! This can be very helpful because of all the traveling that mining engineers get to do.

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