Instructables: Morse Code Trainer

This instructable is about learning Morse Code with the aid of a self constructed “Morse Code Trainer”.

The ‘Trainer’ is based on a simple modular built STEM/game platform, plus newly developed interactive software.

This device is an alternative to the likes of the MFJ Pocket Morse Tutor (costing > $100), with some comparable features plus several not comparable features. Additionally, you can practice and test your own CW Morse Code generation; in free-form and structured activities.

This Morse code trainer contains 6 training routines, easy to advanced, consisting of a variety of learning aids. You select them from a menu and give inputs; and they provide you feedback audibly, by means of an LED bar display and through a serial monitor. The use of the button inputs and LED display fully support portable operations without the need to relay on the serial monitor outputs.

There is some support for numbers, punctuation and special characters. Emphasis is on the letters of the alphabet. Farnsworth (longer inter char & word) spacing is used by default, but can be disabled.

I developed the software for myself as I was learning Morse code. So I was my own user Guinea pig for testing and feature validation. I hope others find the training routines and their features helpful in aiding them to effectively learn Morse code, while enjoying doing so.

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