Instructables: Hydrator - a Device That Motivates You to Drink Water

Meet the Hydrator! This device will motivate you to drink water.

How? It works like a game. You’ll have to keep your water bottle on top of it. Every hour, the ring around the base lights up. The light remains on until you pick up the bottle, drink water and place it back. After which, the light turns off until the next hour.

But what’s so motivating in that? Well it is in the light ring. The light is blue in the beginning. Every time you miss drinking water, the color of the light slightly shifts towards red. The more number of times you miss your reminder, the more red it becomes. Basically it goes from blue to violet and eventually to complete red. Your goal is to keep the color of the light as close to blue as possible by the end of the day.

This was just a basic overview of what it does. You’ll get to know the exact working as you read through this instructable.

Interesting? Let’s make it! Drink a glass of water and sit back as I take you through the build process!

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