Instructables: GranCare - Pocket Size Health Monitor!

So let me start, I have a grandma. She is a bit old but super fit and healthy.

Well recently we had been to the doctor for her monthly checkup and the doctor advised her to walk every day for at least half an hour to keep her joints healthy. We needed a way to see how much she has walked. A smartwatch would have helped but its not something we could afford. Not just steps, grandma wanted to have like a small health kit so she could keep a check on herself.

So this is the reason why I thought of doing this project.

Also, falling is one of the most common and dangerous events, and last time my grandma fell we were late in knowing and it’s something I could detect sooner so I decided to add a fall sensor too.

And to see if my grandma catches cold or fever, early-onset, I added a temperature sensor to measure body temperature.

I am concentrating on these things in this project. You can always add more sensors to make it more effective for your personal use.

Health & Medicine
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