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Formative Re-engaging Lessons involve a cycle of inquiry, instruction, assessment, analysis, selection, and re-engagement around a mathematical concept.

Here, you can see how multiple teachers have approached designing lessons to formatively re-engage their learners. These lessons were developed by the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative and are taught by practicing teachers and professional developers. These lessons have been extensively field-tested in multiple settings and refined over time.

Formative Re-engaging Lessons

1st Grade Math – Base Ten Menu

Liz O’Neill leads a re-engagement lesson on composing and decomposing numbers within twenty. Students engage in a variety of activities to think of ten in as many ways as possible, to compose and decompose numbers in a variety of ways, and to justify their thinking. The lesson includes pre- and post-assessments.

3rd Grade Math – Interpreting Multiplication & Division

Mia Buljan leads a re-engagement lesson on the relationship between multiplication and division, using different representations of math stories/contextual word problems.

4th Grade Math – Understanding Fractions

Michelle Makinson leads three days of instruction building students’ understanding of unit fractions using area and set models, verbal representations, numerical representations, number line representations, and contextualized representations or word problems.

5th Grade Math – Interpreting Fractions

Michelle Kious leads a re-engagement lesson on fractions using symbolic notation, area models, measurement (number lines), sets, and fractional situations (word problems).

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