Illuminations: Planning a Trip to Disneyland or Disney World

Using the Web site, student groups collect data to plan a trip to Disneyland or Disney World.

[You may wish to substitute some other destination of high interest for your students.] In lesson 6 students plan the trip using data collected in this lesson. Depending upon your location, this may be an overnight trip or a day trip. Using skills they developed in the previous lessons, students determine not only elapsed time and distance, but extend their problem solving to figuring meals, lodging, and air travel.

As students tackle this more complex task, teachers have opportunity to observe students’ growing competence with methods and tools for computation, estimation, problem posing and solving, interpretation of graphical representations, measuring with standard units, and responding to investigations that require the comparison of data sets. This lesson is designed to take approximately 45 minutes but time will vary according to the needs and abilities of your students.


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Math Topics
Data, Graphing & Statistics, Problem-Solving
K-6, Educator
4th Grade, 5th Grade

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