Ignite My Future in School: Computational Thinking

In 2017, Tata Consultancy Services launched Ignite My Future in School (IMFIS),
a pioneering initiative transforming the way students learn and use
computational thinking—a foundational 21st century skill for successful careers
in every sector.

– In North America, Ignite My Future in School will engage 20,000 teachers and
more than one million students by 2022, offered free of cost to them and their
school districts.
– As this movement grows, we intend to reach even more teachers and students,
– Educators will be provided with high quality professional development content
that aligns with existing curricular requirements, enabling them to reach students
in a compelling, hands-on manner to learn computational thinking concepts and
apply such digital skills to solve real world problems.
– IgniteMyFutureinSchool.org provides a pioneering curriculum that embeds
Computational Thinking into core subjects such as Language Arts, Science, Math,
Social Studies using a trans-disciplinary approach.

PD Virtual Events

Take your students in exciting new directions during the 2020-21 school year with the help of a no-cost virtual Professional Development event from Ignite My Future in School! Over the course of a 3-hour interactive session, educators can connect with real world experts to explore innovative 21st Century learning that supports problem solving and STEM learning in the classroom.

Professional Development

Ignite your knowledge through a suite of professional development tools designed to meet the needs of teachers seeking flexible access to powerful professional learning experiences


Ignite their knowledge in the classroom and at home with resources that will get students on the path toward seeing the world through the powerful lens of computational thinking

Get Your Class Started

Dive into some of humanity’s greatest collective questions. These guiding questions will serve as a bridge to the real-world solutions being applied in a myriad of careers and industries through the universal skill of computational thinking.

Middle School, Educator
6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

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