Holiday House: The Most Perfect Thing in the Universe

For fans of Shouting at the Rain by Lynda Mullaly and The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle by Christina Uss, a novel about one unadventurous girl who discovers she is anything but.

Eleven-year-old Loah Londonderry is definitely a homebody. While her mother, a noted ornithologist, works to save the endangered birds of the shrinking Arctic tundra, Loah anxiously counts the days till her return home. But then, to Loah’s surprise and dismay, Dr. Londonderry decides to set off on a perilous solo quest to find the Loah bird, long believed extinct. Does her mother care more deeply about Loah the bird than Loah her daughter?

Things get worse yet when Loah’s elderly caretakers fall ill and she finds herself all alone except for her friend Ellis. Ellis has big problems of her own, but she believes in Loah. She’s certain Loah has strengths that are hidden yet wonderful, like the golden feather tucked away on her namesake bird’s wing. When Dr. Londonderry’s expedition goes terribly wrong, Loah needs to discover for herself whether she has the courage and heart to find help for her mother, lost at the top of the world.

Beautifully written, The Most Perfect Thing in the Universe is about expeditions big and small, about creatures who defy gravity and those of us who are bound by it.

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection


Educator’s Guide with Discussion Questions


by Tricia Springstubb
Published by Margaret Ferguson Books
Hardcover | Pages: 192
Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 | USD: $17.99
ISBN: 9780823447572
Publication Date: June 1, 2021
Age: 8-12
Themes: Animals/FictionEcology & ConservationScience & NatureSelf EsteemSocial Themes

Also Available:

ISBN: 9780823450596
JUNE 1, 2021 | $10.99

Science Topics
Biology, Endangered Species, Zoology
Music, Art, and Language Arts Topics
K-6, Middle School
3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade

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