Girls Get STEM: Space Suit Designs

Today’s space suits are designed for travel to the Moon… but what if an astronaut could travel even farther? Brainstorm then sketch space suit designs for travel to other planets!

Grades 3 – 5

Help Them Lead at Home

Talk: Your child has learned about space suits in school and has considered how one of its parts
could be improved for a female astronaut. Look through these NASA space suit images together and
discuss what you see. Ask your child to tell you about the space suit part they improved or optimized.
What jobs does this space suit part have? How did your child redesign it to make it even better?

Do: Today’s space suits are specially designed for travel to the Moon… but what if an astronaut could
travel even farther?

With your child, choose a planet other than Earth and use this NASA website to learn more about it. As
you read about the planet together, ask yourselves: What conditions on this planet would an astronaut
need to be protected from?

Then work together to brainstorm how you could design a space suit to accomplish this. For instance,
Saturn is made entirely of gas so astronauts couldn’t walk on its surface. But could special shoes be
designed that lift the astronaut just above the planet’s surface? Be creative and imagine that any kind of
design or technology is possible as long as it protects the astronaut.

Once you and your child have an idea in mind, sketch your design on the Design a Space Suit sheet.

Science Topics
Technology Topics
Spacesuit Technology
Engineering Topics
Aerospace, Materials
3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade
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