Girls Get STEM: Privacy Matters

One key aspect of Internet safety is understanding the difference between private and personal information. Get the whole family involved in an activity that brings this idea to life!

Grades 3-5

Help Them Lead at Home

Talk: In school, your child learned about the importance of secure passwords and created several that
they can use in the future. Ask your child to share some of the passwords that they developed and
explain why this password may be difficult for others to guess. Then discuss: Why is it important to
keep passwords private and not share them with anyone other than trusted adults?

Do: Explain that just like passwords, there is other information that shouldn’t be shared online. This
information is called private information. Together, watch this Private and Personal Information video
and then discuss: Why is it usually okay to share personal information online but not private information?

Once your child understands the difference between these two types of information, complete the
Introducing Me sheet together. Each family member should have their own copy. Everyone can begin by
writing their name on the top line and adding personal details to make the stick figure look more like them.

Your family should then work as a team to describe each other. As you do, think about whether each
piece of information could be used to identify the person (this is private information) or just describe
them (this is personal information). Then write the description in the correct column of the chart.
Brainstorm as many qualities as you can to paint a full picture of each family member!

Wrap up the activity by reminding your child that, like the world outside, the Internet also has many
strangers. Just like your child wouldn’t tell a stranger their home address, they also shouldn’t share
private information with the Internet unless they have checked with an adult to make sure it is okay

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3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade
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