Girls Get STEM: Internet Safety

By sharing how the Internet is used in your home, your child will better understand all the ways the Internet affects everyday life. Work together to create guidelines for staying safe online.

Grades K – 2

Help Them Lead at Home

Talk: In school, your child has learned about key ways to be safe online. Help connect what they have learned to
your lives at home by discussing how different members of your family use the Internet. Who uses the Internet
for homework? How about recipes, games, directions, video streaming, or email? By sharing how the Internet is
used in your home, your child will better understand all the different ways the Internet affects everyday life.

Do: Then work together to ensure your child has the guidelines and tools s/he needs to stay safe online.
First, brainstorm websites and apps that your child uses frequently. Once you have a list:

● Create a folder to hold these apps on the device(s) that your child uses. To create a folder
on an Android or Apple device, hold your finger on top of one of your child’s apps for a few
seconds until you can move it. Then drag the app on top of a second app. A folder will be
formed, and you can continue to drag apps into it until all of your child’s apps are in one
place. Once the folder is complete, ask your child to give it a fun name!

● Create a similar folder for your web browser, complete with all the websites that your child
uses and has permission to access. While folders are created differently depending on which
web browser you use, a quick Internet search will explain how to create one. Be sure your
child knows where to find this folder, and again encourage him/her to name it.

Then work together to complete the Online Safety Agreement on the following page. Explain that just as rules
exist to keep us safe when we’re not using the Internet, this agreement will help your child be safe online. A
few guidelines have already been suggested, and there is room to add others that you develop together. Be
sure to ask your child for ideas on what should be included based on what they have learned in school!

As you review and personalize the agreement, work together to draw a small picture next to each line
to help your child remember it. The completed agreement should then be signed by both you and your
child. Once it is signed, store it in a location where your child will see it when s/he uses the Internet!

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Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
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