Girls Get STEM: Green Changes

The actions we take today will affect our environment tomorrow. Conduct an audit of your home energy and water use to uncover what it means to develop practices that are ‘eco-friendly.’

Grades 2 – 5

Help Her Lead at Home

Talk: Go for a walk outside with your child and take a moment to appreciate the nature around
you—whether it’s a tree growing on the side of a busy street, a neighbor’s flower garden, or a stream
alongside your path. Use this time together to discuss the importance of taking care of our environment.
Ask your child to share what they have already learned in school about protecting our planet.

Do: When you return home from your walk, explain that one way
that you can see if your family is being eco-friendly is to hold
a home energy audit. Tell your child that an audit is an official
inspection, so a home energy audit is a “official” inspection
about how much energy your home uses.

Read through the EcoFriendly Questionnaire, and explain that you will work together to
review every room in your home to see if you are being as kind
to the environment as possible.

As you perform the audit together, encourage your child to think about:
● How many lights do we have? Are they all necessary? Do we always keep them on?
● Do we use heat or air conditioning?
● How are our windows used? Could they be used differently to help keep the room cooler
or warmer?
● Are our electronics, appliances, and chargers always plugged in?
● How do we use water in this room? How could we use less water?

Then, work together to select a few specific areas where your family could improve your energy and/
or water use, and discuss the changes you should try to make. For instance, if your family uses a lot of
water while you brush your teeth, you could try to remember to turn the water off while you’re brushing!
Use sticky notes or small pieces of paper to write or draw reminders, and then stick each one wherever
the reminder will have the biggest impact.

Science Topics
Conservation & Sustainability, Pollution
2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade
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