Grand Canyon University Live Lessons

GCU LIVE Lessons are an innovative opportunity for students and teachers to participate in a 45-minute interactive activity specific to an area of interest.

Lessons can be hosted in a face-to face or virtual classroom setting and feature GCU curriculum designed by the university’s college experts and faculty. Students will have the opportunity to develop hands-on skills or explore advanced concepts through the web-hosted presentation.

GCU LIVE Lesson Requirements:

To take part in GCU LIVE Lessons, your classroom or learners must have internet access and the Zoom software downloaded on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. This can be done by visiting the Zoom Download Center in a web browser and downloading ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’. You must also have a projector screen, smart board, TV or another form of a large screen to connect your device so that all participants can view the lesson. A high-volume speaker is also highly recommended to allow all participants to hear the lesson. The use of a webcam or a device with a camera is preferred, but not required. Access to a microphone or a device with a microphone is vital for selective lessons that require a more interactive experience.

Most Popular GCU LIVE Lessons

  • Business – Spirit of Business
  • Education – Teaching For All
  • Engineering – Rapid-Prototyping Challenge
  • Fine Arts and Production – Logo Design Challenge
  • Health Care – Careers in Chemistry
  • Honors – Interview Prep 101
  • Humanities and Social Sciences – Neuroscience and Behavior of the Mind
  • Pre-Health – Methods of Wound Closure: Suture Clinic with Bananas
  • Technology – Cybersecurity: Network Forensics
  • Theology – Biblical Interpretation

High School, College, Educator, Administration

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