Fueling Education: Fueling Education: CITGO Career Profile - Meet James Steward

Unit operators supervise the flow of oil and petroleum products through pipes in their refinery.

To do this, they manage control panels and equipment that regulate the temperature, pressure, flow rate, and tank levels in their unit.


CITGO and Discovery Education have launched Fueling Education with a vision to supply educators teaching grades 5–8 with the resources to make STEM learning not only a priority, but a necessity. CITGO aims to inspire students to make positive impacts on their communities, promote student innovation and problem-solving, and pave the way for the next generation of leaders.

Fueling Education is a premier educational program created for students in grades 5–8 with the mission to supply educators with the tools they need to inform STEM understanding and prepare students for long-term success in the workforce. Inspire the next generation of leaders with Fueling Education and motivate your students to create the enduring innovations of the future.

K-6, Middle School

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