Fueling Education: CITGO Career Profile - Meet Rebecca Andoin

Operations engineers use their science and math background to ensure that a company’s operations (such as manufacturing or shipping) are efficient and meet safety, environmental, and industry standards.


CITGO and Discovery Education have launched Fueling Education with a vision to supply educators teaching grades 5–8 with the resources to make STEM learning not only a priority, but a necessity. CITGO aims to inspire students to make positive impacts on their communities, promote student innovation and problem-solving, and pave the way for the next generation of leaders.

Fueling Education is a premier educational program created for students in grades 5–8 with the mission to supply educators with the tools they need to inform STEM understanding and prepare students for long-term success in the workforce. Inspire the next generation of leaders with Fueling Education and motivate your students to create the enduring innovations of the future.

K-6, Middle School

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