Flash Forward: Doomsday 2000/2038/2100

Today we travel to a future where software engineers didn’t actually fix any of the Y2K bugs.

What would have happened if we had ignored the problem? What lessons does Y2K have for us, and why are people worried about 2038?

Complete transcript available in site.


Voice Actors:

  • Meredith Cornelius — Friend 1
  • Arielle Duhaime Ross — Friend 2
  • Lux Alptraum — Scientist
  • Jayne Quan — Scientist
  • Stan Alcorn — News Announcer
  • Brent Rose — Nuclear facility head
  • Matthew Pecore — Flight attendant

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Engineering Topics
Hardware, Software
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9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade, Adults

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