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A family of wild Red Foxes has raised kits in a den on the campus of the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness, New Hampshire for several years.

In 2016 she reared 5 kits, in 2017 she reared 7 kits and in 2018 we saw 11 kits (we assume 2 females merged litters to raise this many).

In years past the vixen has given birth in a different den then brings the kits here to this “nursery den” when they are a few weeks old. The den has at least six entrances, so the kits have lots of tunnels to escape into. Once they are more mobile, she moves the cubs to different dens in the area.

Best Viewing Hours

The camera runs 24/7 and has excellent infra-red night vision. In past years the kits appear in the first week of April. The kits can be visible at any hour and are very active for portions of the night. There is often frenetic playing between 3:30 am and dawn, and quiet time in the mid-afternoon. In late winter, the fox pair attend to the den and dig out the holes after each snow storm. We see nightly visits — usually very fleeting, but sometimes the pair arrive together and socialize while they dig.

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April 2018

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