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The guide dog mobility camera goes into the world and selfless acts of Guide Dogs of America.

With special viewings of training programs from puppies to trained guide dogs, you will get an inside look at the incredible journey these special canines embark on. “From the day they are born they entered into an early socialization program that will introduce them to a multitude of sights, sounds, and feels in the world. The hope is that when they grow up they will help someone who is blind live with more confidence, independence, and mobility.” Zachary A. Gittlen, Outreach Coordinator for Guide Dogs of America.

Don’t see puppies? Don’t worry, the puppies are just live on another camera. Because puppies have such fragile immune systems, we swap them between kennel runs every day to allow for a 24-hour disinfection to take place. For this reason we have two camera’s installed, the “Nursery cam,” and the “Mobility Cam.”

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