Environmental Protection Agency: Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Math

Buying a high MPG vehicle saves you money at the pump.

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“Less carbon pollution, too!”

  • Annual Fuel Cost of $2,625 at 20 MPG
  • Annual Fuel Cost of $1,050 at 50 MPG

Assumes 15,000 miles per year and $3.50 per gallon.

But what if my MPG varies?

Let’s compare how much fuel two cars use over a year.

  • 20 MPG to 19 MPG (750 gallons to 789 gallons)
  • 50 MPG to 49 MPG (300 gallons to 306 gallons)

A loss of 1 MPG costs:

  • 39 gallons and $138 for the 20 MPG car
  • 6 gallons and $21 for the 50 MPG car
  • Losing 1 MPG on the 20 MPG car costs more than losing 1 MPG on the 50 MPG car.

Even a loss of 5 MPG at 50 costs you less than 1 at 20.

  • “Yep! That’s 33 gallons and $117.”

Small differences in calculated gallons and cost may occur due to rounding.

Though MPG varies, Higher MPG always saves fuel and carbon!!

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