Environmental Protection Agency: Learn about the Fuel Economy Label

Buying a vehicle? Want to compare fuel economy?

See: Infographic version of this information

Use the Fuel Economy Label

  • Use the Fuel Economy (MPG) values on the vehicle’s window sticker (label) or go to fueleconomy.gov

Why should I rely on the label values?

Label values are based on tests that reflect real-world driving conditions for the average U.S. driver. These tests take into account:

  1. City Driving
  2. Highway Driving
  3. Cold Weather
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. Fast Acceleration and High Speed

This testing provides a common yardstick for comparing the MPG of different cars because it is

  • controlled and repeatable
  • correlated with real-world driving data
  • reviewed and updated regularly

Will I always get the label values?

  • No, your mileage may vary based on how you drive and the road and weather conditions…
  • …but, however you drive, EPA’s fuel economy estimates ensure that you can compare MPG in an apples-to-apples way.

“I go to the gas station much less often!”

“I can’t believe how much I’m saving since buying a higher-MPG vehicle!”

  • So now, you can find a more fuel efficient vehicle and save money at the pump!

Look for the label when you shop, and visit fueleconomy.gov for more information.

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