CyberStart Game
Cybersecurity is a complex topic that can be difficult to learn and hard to know where to start – not any more with CyberStart

CyberStart Game is the most proven cyber security learning tool for young adults. Discover how to crack codes, find security flaws and dissect criminals’ digital trails whilst playing as a cyber agent in a vast online training game.



Embark on a digital crime-fighting adventure across captivating storylines where you’ll sniff out criminal schemes, race for points against your friends and solve cyber security puzzles in every challenge.


Progress through hundreds of gamified hacking labs based on real cyber crime scenarios experienced by our industry experts, giving you a complete toolkit of practical, industry-recognised skills.

Dive straight into fun learning with interactive labs, captivating storylines and collaborative leaderboards. 12 FREE challenges to play right now

Try for free   or for FREE complete access to the game and win scholarships, try Cyberstart America.

Technology Topics
High School
9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

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