Crash Course Kids: What's My Property - Episode 35.2

What exactly can we tell about an unknown substance by it’s properties?

We already know that a substance is matter that’s made of one kind of atom or molecule, and that has specific properties and that some substances are elements, which means they can’t be broken down into other substances through physical changes or chemical reactions. We also know that we can group substances and elements by their properties like we found that all of the metal things from the bottom of my backpack were shiny and attracted to a magnet. So metals have high reflectivity and magnetivity. What else do we know about metals?

///Standards Used in This Video/// 5-PS1-3. Make observations and measurements to identify materials based on their properties. [Clarification Statement: Examples of materials to be identified could include baking soda and other powders, metals, minerals, and liquids. Examples of properties could include color, hardness, reflectivity, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, response to magnetic forces, and solubility; density is not intended as an identifiable property.] [Assessment Boundary: Assessment does not include density or distinguishing mass and weight.]

Science Topics
Chemistry, Matter, Periodic Table of Elements
5th Grade

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