Crash Course Kids: Over (to) The Moon - Episode 13.2

Sabrina gets a new set in this episode of Crash Course Kids.

Do you want to be an astronaut? Would you like to someday walk on the moon? Well, you better learn a little about gravity so you can escape from Earth and head into space. Today, Sabrina chats with us about what it takes to get to the moon!

This first series is based on 5th grade science. We’re super excited and hope you enjoy Crash Course Kids! ///Standards Used in This Video/// 5-PS2-1. Support an argument that the gravitational force exerted by Earth on objects is directed down. [Clarification Statement: “Down” is a local description of the direction that points toward the center of the spherical Earth.] [Assessment Boundary: Assessment does not include mathematical representation of gravitational force.]

Science Topics
Force (Gravitational), Physics
Isaac Newton
5th Grade

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