Crash Course Kids: Gas Giants Weather - Episode 43.2

Last time, we learned that there is in fact weather on other planets. But those were the rocky planets, like Earth.

What about the big Gas Giants? What’s the weather like there? In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina takes us on a virtual tour of the Gas Giants and shows us what kind of weather we can expect.

///Standards Used in This Video/// 5-ESS2-1. Develop a model using an example to describe ways the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and/or atmosphere interact. [Clarification Statement: Examples could include the influence of the ocean on ecosystems, landform shape, and climate; the influence of the atmosphere on landforms and ecosystems through weather and climate; and the influence of mountain ranges on winds and clouds in the atmosphere. The geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere are each a system.] [Assessment Boundary: Assessment is limited to the interactions of two systems at a time.]

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