Computing Education Resources Blog: Resources for new CS Teachers

At our Summit on Computing Education in South Carolina, we assembled a resource page for new CS teachers. I’m including it below. PDF version of the slides that Barbara Ericson put together explaining these resources is available, as well as PPT version.

New teachers might also be interested in Dr. Tom Crick’s list of CS Education blogs and my blog post on CS curriculum repositories.

Resources for Computer Science Educators

Here is a set of links that have resources for Computer Science teachers.





Free Tools for Teaching Computing:

On-line sites for learning:



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Computing Education Research is about how people come to understanding computing, and how we can facilitate that understanding.  I am Mark Guzdial, a professor at the University of Michigan in Computer Science & Engineering, Engineering Education Research, and Information.  I am a researcher in computing education.  See more about me at and my work at

I have written several blog posts about Computing Education: What it is, and what some of the research questions are in Computing Education.

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