California Academy of Sciences: Science @ Home - Breakfast Club with Vicky

Celebrate World Penguin Day with Academy biologist Vikki and learn about the Academy’s penguin colony and how we take care of them.

While you watch this video, think about the seven questions below. Share your answers with a friend or family member or just think in your head.

Video snippet 1:

    • How many penguins live in the Academy’s colony or group?
  • What are the penguins waiting for?
  • Do you do any training or enrichment with your animals at home?

Video snippet 2:

  • Have you ever wanted to take care of animals as an animal keeper or veterinarian?
  • What are some ways to get experience taking care of animals?

Video snippet 3:

  • Why is the animal caretaker hand-feeding the penguins?
  • Do you eat the same food as the penguins?

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Science @ Home

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