California Academy of Sciences: Science @ Home - A Different Kind of Zoom: Sunset Moth

It’s easy to see why the sunset moth was originally misidentified as a butterfly.

Bright colors and daytime activity aren’t typical moth traits, but this Madagascar native is anything but ordinary. Zoom in close to see the tiny scales on its wings; their shape is what gives the moth its radiant hues.

Tired of Zoom calls? Zoom in on beautiful scientific specimens instead! Academy scientists used a high-tech camera called GIGAmacro to create incredible close-up photographs of insects, plants, and feathers, revealing all their teeny-tiny details.

Zoom in on the sunset moth and comet moth. What details do you notice? Use your observation skills to make some sketches and share with a friend or family member, or just admire them yourself.

View sunset moth

View comet moth




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