California Academy of Sciences: Science @ Home - Live Penguin Webcam

Scientists learn a lot by observing, or watching, the world around them.

Here are a few suggestions for how to be a scientist while watching the penguins.

  1. Print out the Junior Scientist Adventure Penguin Observation Activity Chart and follow the instructions on the first page.
  2. While watching the penguins on the live webcam, notice what the penguins are doing. Share what you see with a friend or family member or just think in your head.
      • Are any of the penguins in the water?
  3. Are any of the penguins interacting with other penguins or a penguin caretaker?
  4. What do you think they are doing? What makes you think that?
  5. Have you ever seen other animals doing that? Have you ever done that?

Great job making observations! Check the webcam again soon to see if what you are seeing today is the same next time. Do you think it will be the same if you make observations at a different time of day?

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