California Academy of Sciences: Introductory Science Notebooking Activities

Students receive their science notebooks and take the time to make them their own.

Point at Sea Elephant beach

Students peruse sample pages from the notebooks of many different scientists.

Who is a scientist

Students draw their idea of “a scientist doing science.”

Gallery walk

What are some strategies for allowing your students to share the content in their science notebooks?

Table of Contents

Students insert a Table of Contents, number the pages, and complete their first reflective entry.

Leaf sketch1

What makes a good scientific sketch? You can teach this lesson even if you think you can’t draw!

Kit inventory

Use “windowpanes” to take stock of materials at the beginning of an investigative unit.

Teacher feedback in notebook

What assessment strategies can you use with science notebooks?

Boy with notebook

Lay the foundation for sketching by explicitly teaching the following techniques.

Science Topics
Scientific Method

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