California Academy of Sciences: Air Pressure, It's in the Bag

In this activity, students are asked to create a change in air pressure using a garbage bag and vacuum cleaner, then create an illustration, model or concept map that explains what is happening.

Students can also capture the process in “before and after” videos or photos, then share the videos and/or their models on the KQED website or with @KQEDedspace via Vine, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #kqedpressure. Visit KQED’s community voices to see experiences and ideas others have posted!

This activity is part of the KQED Engineering Is: Bringing Fish Up from the Deep e-book. The e-book explores the science and engineering principles behind the California Academy of Sciences’ portable decompression chamber, and includes videos, interactives and media making opportunities. You can find other material with in the e-book here.

Physics, Pressure
Middle School, High School, Educator

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